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Some people throw together a surprise party on the spur of the moment, but it usually takes more planning. Take the following things into consideration to limit the risk of things going wrong.

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You want her to be happy and have fun. Also, choose a dress code that matches what the person will wear or have a change of clothes handy.

Some experts recommend starting the planning for a surprise party up to six weeks before the event. It helps to have someone else involved in the planning, especially if you live with the guest of honor.

The Surprise Party

That way RSVPs can go to that person, as can anything that people need to mail. This makes it easier to keep the event a surprise. It also means less work for you.

That makes it much harder to keep it a surprise. Have the party a week or two earlier. Scheduling it after the fact could upset the person. They might think people forgot about their big day. Holding a surprise party at the home of the guest of honor presents some difficulties, so you may need to think of another location.

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There needs to be a reason to bring the guest there besides a surprise party and a way to hide the other guests. Make people park on another street or hold the event in a popular bar or restaurant where people expect lots of other cars. People may still have to park further away. Correct invalid entries. Please choose a color:.

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Please enter all required fields Correct invalid entries. Girlfriends don't spam. We hear but don't see Ivy singing "Bittersweet Symphony" over a montage of the various characters. Ivy's the last one at the party, a little bit drunk, when Derek walks in and gives her a present and wishes her happy birthday. Julia is still helping Scott Nichols Jesse L. Martin with Hit List , particularly in how to enlarge The Diva's part.

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They meet with Kyle Bishop Andy Mientus , one half of the Hit List team and Julia gets him to storyboard the musical and helps him figure out how to improve The Diva role. They decide to make The Diva being played by Ana a bigger presence in the musical, especially in the second half, which will come at the expense of Karen's part.

While Kyle is momentarily doing something else, Julia and Scott talk about the old days and Scott tells her he had a thing for her but she was married so he kept quiet. Later, the three present their Diva idea to Derek, who is still a little ticked about his fight with Karen and Jimmy; he loves the idea and doesn't seem bothered that Karen's part will be lessened.

Scott asks Julia to continue as a consultant for Hit List. She agrees and tells him if he's still interested in her, he doesn't have to be quiet about it. Richard Francis Jamey Sheridan and Eileen go out to dinner the same place where Tom and Ivy meet up with Liza and he's a little upset that she did some work with the paparazzi when it was supposed to be just the two of them. Later, he tells her that in his previous marriage, his wife didn't work and he got used to that, so Eileen as a working woman is something new to which he has to get accustomed. Eileen tells him she still has some baggage from her previous relationship, so they agree to take it slow.

There were three songs featured in the episode, two originals and one cover " Bittersweet Symphony " by The Verve.

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