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It may also be important that the other villagers when they hear about the petrol also go to the rubber plantation to retrieve the petrol. If anything this would further highlight just how much poverty exists in the village. Everyone wants the petrol. Forgetting all about the rubber from the plantation. Which may leave some reader to suggest that there is a shift from the traditional to modernity. Petrol will command a higher price than rubber though it does have its pitfalls.


One of which is that it is flammable and a fire does break out when everyone is trying to fill their buckets with petrol. Though some critics might suggest that Adagha is highlighting the perils of modernity it is more likely that he is attempting to highlight just how perilous a commodity can be that is unnatural to its environment.

After all the oil-pipe runs through a rubber plantation. As though those who have a responsibility for the oil-pipe just took the shortest route possible. The pipe itself is unprotected and as such prone to damage. A damage that the villagers are only too happy to take advantage of. However they may be somewhat naive.

It is also interesting that the oil-pipe is the only man-made object in the area. Everything else from the rubber plantation to the rats and ants are part of the natural environment.

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By having the oil-pipe explode Adagha might be suggesting that nature and modernity are not a good mix. With modernity causing problems which is very much the case in the story. Things do not go well. Something that Mama Efe herself foresees. Though Namidi does not listen to her.

This too could be important as Adagha may be suggesting that women do not have a voice in the village. They have a role to cook for their husbands and to look after the children. In reality they are without a voice and must follow the lead of their husbands.

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Something that Mama Efe effectively does because it is expected of her. Which is interesting as Adagha may be suggesting that should Namidi have listened to his wife or should she have been allowed to express her concerns with regard to the oil-pipe.

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  8. Perhaps things would not have turned out as detrimental as they do. The end of the story is also interesting as it becomes clear to the reader that Ochuko may be the only survivor from his family if not from the village. By pursuing their actions everybody appears to have lost their life though the village itself remains intact. Apart from the smoke coming from the rubber plantation Ochuko sees no other difference.

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    Which is to say that, while Pershing never recoiled from using force, he adopted a military strategy that would later be reinvented as FM , the famous counterinsurgency manual written by David Petraeus and James Amos and applied in Iraq. Pershing brought down the levels of violence which had been used liberally, and to little effect, by his predecessors , recruited Filipinos to carry out law enforcement duties, simplified the provincial court system, designated government land for the building of mosques, took a go-slow approach to changing tribal customs which included polygamy , reformed the laws governing contract labor, put aside more money for the building of schools and established trading posts to rebuild the Moro economy.

    Pershing also diligently provided a personal example for his soldiers by learning the Moro dialect, getting to know local Muslim leaders and reading the Quran. In essence, he became a kind of Lawrence of the Philippines—a Moro Whisperer.

    Australia - Without a story the people perish

    For all of that, there are some things not to like about Pershing. He could be imperious, opinionated, short-tempered, stubborn and something of a martinet. In later years, senior officers would note that he seeded the U. During the Plains Wars, he forcibly deported large numbers of Cree Indians from their ancestral lands to Canada and, despite his celebrated leadership of the 10th Cavalry, he readily agreed to the continued segregation of African-American soldiers from white troops during World War I. But by the standards of his age, Pershing was fairly enlightened.

    When he fought the Moros at what has gone down in history as the Battle of Bud Bagsak in June , Pershing proved adept at implementing tactics that would dampen Philippine and U. Despite this, Bud Bagsak resulted in the deaths of approximately Moro tribesmen and 13 Americans.

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