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Something about owls excites the human imagination. For a very long time, owls have been the symbols of wisdom in some cultures. They are also considered omens of bad luck in others. It was the symbol of the Ancient Greek goddess Athena, and in recent times a picture or figure of an owl has been popular as jewelry. Salutations young reader! More than likely, if you have a puppy, you might be wondering how to properly integrate this new animal into your life.

Puppies require quite a bit of attention and love, as well as proper training when you are just starting out. Although they can be the most adorable creatures on the planet, they can also cause a considerable amount of problems. Published: December 4, by Mendon Cottage Books. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most exciting dinosaurs to talk about because of its enormous size, sharp teeth, and terrifying name. The dinosaur is one of the most easily recognized dinosaurs because of movies and television shows showing the dinosaur in all its monstrous glory- but how much do you really know about the Tyrannosaur?

Published: January 18, by Mendon Cottage Books.

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The Akhal — Teke is an amazing horse with a beautiful coat that shines in the sun! It is because of their beautiful coat. It shines in the light. Look at the pictures in this book and you will see it is true. Published: December 7, by Mendon Cottage Books. The Ocean is full of amazing creatures in all shapes, sizes and colors! This large body of water is covered with life, but to survive some creatures need to be very smart.

And they need to know how to hide or pretend really well. Beagles are beautiful small sized dogs and a member of the hound group.

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This group of dogs looks similar to the Foxhound, but the design is a bit different. Published: December 5, by Mendon Cottage Books. Peacocks are a magnificent species from the Pheasant family of birds. The Pavo Cristatus or Indian Peafowl is a large bird. It is well-known for their beautiful, bright tails in dazzling colors and hues! Have you ever seen one? Published: January 2, by Mendon Cottage Books.

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Ten Amazing Horses For Kids For thousands of years horses have been a part of our life and our history. And like most animals they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Yorkshire terriers are beautiful little dogs weighing approximately 7 pounds. They are also vivacious, intelligent, feisty and loving. Published: October 29, by Mendon Cottage Books. African wild dogs probably have the most obvious name among animals.

For one, they are from Africa, they are wild, and they are definitely dogs. The beluga whale, also known as the white whale, is a favorite of many people. What really draws a lot of people is its pure white color, which is attractive and attention-getting to humans in the same way a black jaguar or a pink slug is. Published: December 27, by Mendon Cottage Books. Camels For Kids Camels have long been the cars of the desert.

Cheetahs are probably one of the lesser known big cats. There are more chickens in the world than any other kind of bird. They are the staple of many farms, kept by farmers and country families alike.

Why Are Polar Bears White? | Arctic Tundra Animal Adaptations

Published: October 30, by Mendon Cottage Books. Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are probably one of the best known local predators in the places like the United States of America. As one of the very few big cats in North America, the cougar sort of inhabits a special place in American and other cultures.

Published: January 4, by Mendon Cottage Books. Crocodilians For Kids Crocodilians are a broad topic. Rather than just focus on crocodiles, this book shows crocodiles and other members of the Crocodilia Order. This includes animals you may already know, such as the alligator, but it also contains the ones you hear about less: the caiman, the gharial, and the false gharial. And believe me, these guys are some cool reptiles.

Once upon a time, the word that deer was based on meant any wild animal, and venison meant any meat caught from a wild animal. Published: March 24, by Mendon Cottage Books. Introduction Guinea pigs are some of the cutest pets around, with a history going back thousands of years. Nowadays, guinea pigs are popular pets among many people. Published: September 5, by Mendon Cottage Books. Hummingbirds have fascinated humans from early ages. For a very long time, it was only known in its native area by the native people. As Europeans discovered them, they found them intriguing, not sure how they stayed up in the air.

The kangaroo has long been a favorite animal of children everywhere. Published: December 28, by Mendon Cottage Books. Lizards For Kids Lizards are the favorite creepy-crawly of many children throughout the world. In some areas, they are as easy to find as rocks. Some people even keep them as pets! Published: April 6, by Mendon Cottage Books.

The octopus has long fascinated the human mind. The octopus has appeared on several vases and other items in Ancient Greek artifacts. Published: November 2, by Mendon Cottage Books. The orangutan is probably one of the more fascinating apes in existence. Less people know a lot about it compared to animals like the chimpanzee and the gorilla, but they certainly have their own charms. Published: April 23, by Mendon Cottage Books.

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Otters have long been a favorite animal of many people. They live throughout the world, and populate the world of fiction as well. A popular British series, Redwall, uses them a lot as good guys.

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Another place that the otter shows up, is in the book Wind in the Willows, which is a beloved story about a toad, an otter, and other creatures. Published: April 26, by Mendon Cottage Books. Pigs have long been a part of human life. The ancient Israelites considered them unclean animals, and would not eat them; however, many, many cultures consider them a great source of food. Ponies are the pet that many girls and boys long for. They are in TV shows and movies, in books and on stickers. But what exactly is the animal like, and what makes a pony a pony?

The porpoise, a relation of the dolphin, is a beautiful creature. It swims gracefully, much more than many humans, and is known to be fairly intelligent, like their cousin the dolphin. Belonging to the same family as whales as well, the porpoise does not get that big in comparison. It is like a small whale in many ways.