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Lisbon Food & Wines Experience

A good burger, a salad accompanied by a fresh fruit juice: something to reinvigorate in after discovering the streets of Lisbon. Just like at home, come and restore yourself, O Prego! There is often a singer or a singer accompanied by two or three people with instruments guitar, Portuguese guitar, at times violin and cello. The Fado is listened to in total silence, and puts forward a multitude of emotions the saudade in Portuguese. In the district of Alfama, here are 2 places to discover fado: Fado em Si is an institution where all the big names of fado have occurred.

Fine food, 4 to 5 professional fadistes each evening that offer a high quality service: the ideal conditions to discover the Portuguese tradition of fado.

Arco de Jesus 7, Alfama, Museu do Fado Fado Museum , where an outdoor concert is regularly held on the terrace. To discover the entire history of fado Largo do Chafariz of Dentro 1. The Portuguese Christmas meal is not a colossal meal consisting of a thousand and one dishes: it is a simple dinner, giving the family the opportunity to gather around the table to enjoy tasty dishes steeped in tradition.

Legend has it that there are ways to cook the famous Portuguese cod, a recipe for every day of the year. On Christmas day, it will be cooked in the most humble way possible: "bacalhau cozido", boiled with potatoes and cabbages cooked in water. After the meal, a special place must be kept for the many desserts that are wisely waiting to be savored after the midnight mass, otherwise called "Missa do Galo", the rooster mass.

This is an important religious tradition. The return of the Mass sounds the tasting of the desserts and the opening of the presents, for the biggest pleasure of the children. The list of desserts is long and varied: the most famous is surely the "Bolo Rei", a cake of kings shaped in a crown and composed of dried crystallized fruits. It is a pastry normally served on January 6th, date during which the gifts were given for a long time, symbolic of the visit of the three wise men to the baby Jesus. There is also rice pudding, French toast and "filhos", donuts made from bread dough, brandy and orange.

The "pao do lo" made of eggs and flavored with orange or lemon is also a delight. An old tradition is that during Christmas, family members give each other an orange with cloves as a symbol of prosperity. Unlike some European countries, the Christmas tree is less present in Portuguese families who prefer the Christmas cradle. A selection of the most diverse Followed by Lille, Munich, Amsterdam and many others, Lisbon is at the head of the 10 best European cities to enjoy Christmas.

Retro, antique and family shopping are added to the major luxury brands and brands known to all. We have selected for you various markets accessible in town, with different themes for everyone's tastes. Traditional Christmas Market Avenida da Igreja From December 7th to the 16th, this family market welcomes you in a colorful and festive atmosphere. Crafts, gastronomic specialties and animations as well as Santa Claus will be present.

It is the perfect place to find nice memories and have a good time in a warm atmosphere. It takes place the first weekend of each month. Buying in this market helps support small artisans and national creators, all while delighting yourself!

7 Experiences Not To Miss In Lisbon

It is a covered market where you can eat thanks to the 30 small kiosks lined up, which will serve you to drink, to eat with the possibility of buying local specialties. Glaciers, pastry chefs, cocktail bar You'll be spoiled for choice. During Christmas, Lisbon shines Christmas in Lisbon is an adventure full of lights and colors. The whole city is decorated with beautiful illuminations, and particularly the district of Baixa. The inauguration of the illuminations begins on December 1st at 18h.

The famous trade square will welcome, just like every year, the big Christmas tree of about 30 meters high, decorated with more than 86, Led bulbs. Wonderland Lisboa is an event not to be missed: it is the transformation of the Edward VII Park into a magical world with several activities: giant wheel, ice rink, handicraft sale counters It is a place of fun, shopping and relaxation. The city of Lisbon also offers many free street concerts in churches and other places of worship in Lisbon, as well as songs and shows.

From December 1st to January 6th, participate in the largest indoor funfair, Diverlandia, at the Nations Park. On the program: rides for young and old, and breathtaking attractions! This means things can get tiring and sweaty pretty quickly. If you are doing a lot of walking, make sure you have a bottle of water with you. In Lisbon, it is common for waiters to bring out a little plate of appetizers, such as bread, olives and cheese.

Beware that this is not free.


If you eat it, you will be charged. To avoid this, just politely send back the plate untouched. In Portugal, it is very much tradition to kiss both cheeks when greeting people, yes even strangers. I just thought it best to warn you of this before you arrive and you unexpectedly end up with slobber on your cheeks. Have they? This is a big debate amongst Lisboetas, and the only way to find out is to join the debate. Instead, visit some of the other pastelarias like Aloma , Manteigaria , and Cristal. Taste each one and decide for yourself which is the best.

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Fado is a style of traditional Portuguese folk music. The lyrics tell of love that have been lost, family members that have died, and better days for Portugal. Food at these shows tends to be hit-or-miss, unfortunately. Clube De Fado in Alfama, for example, allows you to do this from onwards. Although most of us grow up with the option of learning languages like French, German, and Spanish in school, few of us get a chance to hear Portuguese spoken unless we come to Portugal.

Avoid the mistake that many tourists make, which is to speak Spanish. There are several free resources online that cover basic Portuguese phrases. Most tourists head for tram 28, which weaves through some of the most iconic parts of the city centre.

Lisbon and my BEST travel experience

Unfortunately, this route is often crammed full of tourists leaning out the windows trying to take selfies and consequently pick-pockets trying to grab their wallets. If you do decide to take this tram, be sensible and keep an eye on your things. Definitely one of the most unique experiences in Lisbon and something every visitor here should do.

There are many marisqueiras or cervejarias seafood restaurants in Lisbon, including Cervejaria Ramiro which has attracted many celebrity chefs including Rick Stein and Anthony Bourdain. Steak for dessert?

This has to be one of the most unusual things to do in Lisbon! It is not something that can be written and created an operating manual.


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